The pictures that I show you here are moments from across time and space. Some of my stock photography I have placed with the online photo agency Alamy   In 2017 the stunning volcanic landscapes of Cape Verde were a suprise. In 2014 I had paid a brief visit to post-apartheid Cape Town with a glimpse of the western Cape. The year before I had seen some of the wonders of Iceland. Even more thrilling was an expedition to the Arctic and the Northwest Passage, photos I divided into arctic I: wild and arctic II: peopled. Late in 2015 I travelled to antarctica. In contrast, in 2016 I discovered Iran and rediscovered Venice. The page e&eo plays with visual echoes and dualities. In Israel mid-2005 I was in a land with minuscule space but where time began before the Biblical sagas and stretches by the day to new Middle East crises. In 2008 I found that Yemen, visually so different, has much of this timeless quality. In Afghanistan in 2009 my view, avoiding all things military, was entirely peaceable. Peace and harmony was again the rule in tiny, gentle Bhutan in 2010. In early 2004 a brief visit to Peru provided a first look at this South American country's beauty, immense variety and spectacular culture. Later in the year I was in brash and beautiful Chicago, delighting in its stunning art and architecture. Many images are from my years working in Africa, of happenings, ordinary people and personalities, of the continent's extraordinary wildlife and wild places. Some of my early work is or has been on show in two major exhibitions--'Reporting the World', John Pilger's 'Great Eyewitness Photographers' at the Barbican Gallery, London, and elsewhere; and Okwui Enwezor's 'The Short Century', Independence and Liberation Movements in Africa (Munich, Chicago, and MoMA, New York). Some images are from the vastness of Brazil, the small and beautiful Indian Ocean islands of the Seychelles with their spectacular birdlife, and travel in Mexico. Others, like the Arab dhows, are from documentary features. A range of photos evokes the unexpected variety of Portugal. In Spain, a brief look cuts from classic tradition to the astonishing Guggenheim museum, Bilbao. There are glimpses of a 1980s pre-modern China, the great Yangtze River, a peaceful Tienanmen Square.

They are disconnected, linked only by my perspective as photojournalist and traveller. As W. Eugene Smith said:

    "The journalist photographer can have no other than a personal approach... Honest--yes! Objective--no!".
If a brief subjective moment states a truth--and often the larger truth is concealed--then my images truly reflect reality.

I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures. They are available for individual purchase as quality prints, or for publication. On most subjects I can offer a broader selection of images. For digital publishing, a higher resolution may be necessary. Please contact me.

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