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In past years some of my Africa photos have been shown at the Photographers' Gallery in London and the Marjorie Niekrug Gallery in New York. Photos of life aboard traditional Arab dhows were exhibited in summer, 2002, at the Ziff festival of dhow countries in Zanzibar.

On this page are images from two exhibitions--'Reporting the World', John Pilger's 'Great Eyewitness Photographers', at the Barbican, London, across Australia and elsewhere, from summer 2001; and Okwui Enwezor's 'The Short Century', Independence and Liberation Movements in Africa, shown in Munich, Chicago and MoMA, New York, 2001-2002

Detainees held without trial at Wha Wha in 1965 when Zimbabwe was still Rhodesia
1966 street scene in Salisbury, Rhodesia, now Harare, Zimbabwe
11 November 1965--Africans listen to Ian Smith broadcasting his unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) in Salisbury, Rhodesia, now Harare, Zimbabwe
11 November 1965--under the eyes of two policemen Africans await UDI developments (unilateral declaration of independence) in Salisbury, Rhodesia, now Harare, Zimbabwe
Government House garden party, 1966, in Salisbury, Rhodesia, now Harare, Zimbabwe
Uganda, 1967--a 'comedy act' by prison service staff during the 5th independence anniversary celebrations
Uganda, 1967--prison service staff in a slapstick performance for the 5th independence anniversary celebrations
Uganda, 1967-- clearly not the real thing but a street parade in the 5th anniversary celebrations
Removed in 1971 from Leopoldville, now Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, a bronze statue of Belgium's repugnant King Leopold II, responsible for terrible atrocities.
Removed in 1971 from the banks of the Congo River--Henry Morton Stanley, who explored the great river in 1877
In Capetown, South Africa, a statue of empire builder Cecil Rhodes was a prominent city feature in 1975.
In Kenya, 1968, an Asian exodus was provoked by Britain's quota system on entry for British Asians. At Nairobi airport, two women and a child are allowed to leave.
Kenya, 1968--in the quota system of an Asian exodus barriers are closed at Nairobi airport
Kenya, 1968--in a quota-controlled Asian exodus, a former businessman is driven to despair
Kenya, 1968--elderly parents with their 17-year-old daughter in Nairobi. The parents hold a voucher allowing them to enter Britain. Their daughter does not.
Kenya, 1968--an old man waits for assistance from the Social Services League in Nairobi.
Nairobi railway station, 1972--Uganda's despotic ruler Idi Amin gave 50,000 Asians 90 days to leave. Many were robbed and assaulted as they left.
Nairobi railway station, 1972--a woman sadly bids farewell to Asian relatives forced out of Uganda.

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