Some arbitrary selections: great sites, hugely viewed, some that have honored mine, others I admire, value and enjoy.

Freelance Spain   features, photos and broadranging info from specialists on Spain

The Digital Journalist   monthly magazine for photojournalists

Arts & Letters Daily   the best of contemporary writing

Stock photography by Marion Kaplan at Alamy  as well as a great deal more

Jan Dodd   Rough Guide's specialist on Japan, Vietnam and now southern France

Nick Inman   highly skilled travel writer, photographer and editor

Alex Segré   photographer of portraits and reportage, strong on London and around the world

Grays of Westminster   London's fabled shop for the Nikon user

Michael Adams   his marvellous paintings reflect nature and humanity with joyful imagination

Google News   the leading search engine adds to your news sources

Yahoo!   anything you need to know, it's here

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