arctic: peopled

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In the modest terminal of Resolute Bsy, Canada's northernmost airport, a stuffed polar bear offers a welcome
Zodiaks of hopeful birdwatchers at the foot of a high cliff off the Canadian Arctic's Beechey Island
Four gravestones in the Arctic's Beechey Island honour British sailors who died in attempts to find the fabled Northwest Passage
`A plaque in the Canadian Arctic's Beechey Island tells of Sir John Franklin's attempts to find the Northwest Passage; four gravestones mark the place where Franklin wintered 1845-1846. In 1846 his ships became locked in ice. Franklin died June 1847
Passengers from an expedition ship tracking the fabled Northwest Passage beside Franklin crew members' graves on Beechey Island in the Canadian Arctic
This cabin, now abandoned, was an Arctic post of Canada's renowned Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP. Polar climate has helped preserve it.
At an abandoned post of Canada's renowned Royal Canadian Mounted Police an armed guide checks a cabin for polar bears
In Arctic waters a zodiak looks tiny beside the white iceberg which itself seems small beside the brown rockface beyond it
Kayakers from an expedition ship delight in the calm waters and grand scenery of the Canadian Arctic
Passengers from an expedition ship enjoy a summer stroll in the Canadian Arctic
Trippers on the tundra--Arctic voyagers enjoy nature's bounty in the happily named Sunneshine Fjord
The Akademik Ioffe, a passenger ship designed specifically for polar research, operated by OneOcean Expeditions with a Russian crew, cruising gently through Milne Inlet in the Canadian Arctic
Passenger ship designed for polar research, the Akademik Ioffe eases through the spectacular Gibbs Fjord in the Canadian Arctic
An unfortunate moment environmentally as the Ioffe spouts black smoke over pristine Arctic scenery
Stately tracking of the Northwest Passage route is interrupted aboard the Ioffe by a wedding celebration
Aboard ship in northern Arctic waters the flags of Canada and the Nunavut region are flown
The Hamlet of Pond Inlet, though really a small town, proclaims itself in English and the Inuit language Inuktitut
In Pond Inlet, Nunavut, three generations of Inuit--mother, child, grandmother
Main Street Pond Inlet opens to the sea and is framed by snowcapped mountains beyond. A snowmobile, snowbie, crosses the street
The fašade of Pond Inlet's art college displays weathered paintings of the local culture--left, two women throat singing, right--out hunting
In Pond Inlet's library two Inuit girls enjoy a picture book
To entertain visitors in Pond Inlet Inuit lay on a cultural show--mainly athletics and songs
An Inuit elder who had performed for visitors shows off his hide drum
Two face-to-face traditionally dressed Inuit women display the distinctive Inuit throat singing. Something of a contest, there's laughter when one gives up
A view towards houses bordering the main street in Pond Inlet, one of the few Inuit population centres, nominally a hamlet, in the Canadian Arctic
It's summer in the Canadian Arctic but sledges, or sleds, are there in readiness for winter's inevitable snows
A rare craft seen at sea during expedition travels in Canadian Arctic waters--a small boat in Pangnirtung's harbour making an official, or merely curious, inspection
Mobile home, hillside, dog--a domestic moment in Pangnirtung, a small Inuit town in the Canadian Arctic
Pangnirtung, a small town in the Canadian Arctic, began life as a Hudson Bay blubber treatment centre
Young Inuit women in Pangnirtung, a small town in the Canadian Arctic, their costume a mix of trad and mod, prepare to dance for an audience of visitors
Inuit teens in the Canadian Arctic town of Pangnirtung entertain visitors with a fast and energetic dance
Passengers boarding the Akademik Ioffe, a polar research ship, are helped from zodiak to ship up the gangway by everpresent crew
'Happy Hour' aboard the Akademik Ioffe, a polar research ship tracking the Northwest Passage; on a beautiful evening passengers admire a spectacular meringue-shaped ice wall in the Canadian Arctic

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