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It is the extraordinary beauty of the pristine Arctic that dazzles the senses and enchants the mind--cliff, sky, sea ice in the Canadian Arctic
An Arctic thrill-- the distinctive outline of polar bears, a mother and cubs on far off open pack ice
A polar bear, a mother and two large cubs, are dramatically reflected as they walk across pack ice in the high Arctic
Two male polar bears in a diffident encounter on open pack ice in the Canadian Arctic. Both retreated
A solitary walrus rests on a small patch of ice in the Canadian Arctic; vanishing ice is leading to ecological disaster for wildlife populations
Dorsal fins signal the presence of a family, or pod, of orcas (Orcinus orca), or killer whales, speeding through the ocean. Playful, they actually approach ships, even dive beneath them
Dorsal fins signal the presence of a family or pod, of orcas (Orcinus orca), or killer whales, speeding through the ocean.
In Arctic seas a flock of glaucous gulls is minitiarised by the huge cliffs beyond
Baird's sandpipers, small denizens of an Arctic wilderness that is seasonally home to 183 species of birds (inc.the snowy owl, gyrfalcon, geese, gulls, guillemots and kittiwakes, skuas, auks and loons that I failed, alas, in many instances to see)
Pussycat-shaped iceberg afloat in Arctic waters would sadly have melted to an ice kitten soon afterwards
Probably born in Greenland, this bull-headed iceberg is fast sinking into blue iceless seas
An iceberg off the Arctic's Low Point, lacking only a few strategic black stripes, has weathered into the form of a keyboard
Arctic ice, a glacier pinnacled into a solid, meringue-like wall, is reflected dramatically by evening sunlight
Flat on top, a giant iceberg in the Arctic's Lancaster Sound even has its own waterfall that will speed its melting
In the Arctic's Sunneshine Fjord one boulder among many on an island's tundra hosts myriad plants including lichen
A mighty cliff is gateway to the Arctic's magnificent Gibbs Fjord, off Baffin Bay, its rock walls dating to a pre-Cambrian era
Stark cliff contrasts with snowcapped mountain in a spectacular glimpse into the Arctic's scenic variety
Within Gibbs Fjord on the Arctic's Baffin Bay are cliffs millions of years old and as timeless as earth's creation
Winter's icy heritage is revealed in a slender waterfall adorning, with less lovely black water streaks, ancient Arctic cliffs
Cliffs edging the Arctic's Gibbs Fjord are strikingly beautiful. But what ancient event caused the thrusting finger?
Mountains and snows seem to reach to infinity in this view from Baffin Bay's Gibbs Fjord. The Arctic is not just ice
Evening summer sunlight reflects cliffs edging the Arctic's snowcapped Gibbs Fjord into the calm waters below
A quintessential Arctic scene--massive cliff, islands reaching into the distance, ice to temper despair at global warning
The midnight sun is not here (or not now) but rather a peaceful sunset over Arctic waters in late summer

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